PhD offer – Vacancy Code 102_BEM_ADME_1

Segnalato da: Francesco Loreto
Fondazione Edmund Mach (S. Michele all’Adige – TN, Italy)
Research and Innovation Centre

Training posting – Training opportunità – PhD offer Vacancy Code 102_BEM_ADME_1
Job title: Research Fellowship to support PhD students for the project MAN-VIP – Metabolomics in Arundo donax

Job description
Arundo donax is a promising non model crop for biomass and bioethanol production from marginal lands in the Mediterranean area. The project aims at (1) the development of genetic and genomic resources for this non model species by next generation sequencing, (2) the characterization of selected biosynthetic pathways for isoprenoids production, (3) the manipulation of Arundo donax volatile organic compound emissions and (4) the characterization of photosynthetic performance, secondary metabolism and stress tolerance. Continua a leggere “PhD offer – Vacancy Code 102_BEM_ADME_1”