EGU 2019

Anche nel 2019 si terrà il congresso EGU a Vienna dal 7 al 12 aprile. E’ possibile sottomettere abstracts per questa sessione sponsorizzata da ILEAPS (Integrated Land-Ecosystem Process Study). BG2.10/AS3.34: Reactive gases and aerosols in plant canopies.  Convener: Silvano Fares; Co-conveners: Kirsti Ashworth , Laurens Ganzeveld. Per maggiori dettagli: Continua a leggere EGU 2019

Call-for-abstract: 2017 IUFRO All-Division 3rd Meeting – Freiburg (D) 19-22 sep 2017

Dear Colleagues, THE 2017 IUFRO ALL-DIVISION 3 MEETING will be held in conjunction with the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress in Freiburg, Germany from September 19th to 22nd, 2017. Thanks to the hard work of our research group leaders who submitted their quality session proposals, a total of 15 technical sessions have been selected for All-Division 3 Meeting by the IUFRO Congress. Scientific Committee. Below please find a list of those selected technical sessions. Also, the attached document provides more information about each session. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS is now open and will remain open until November 30th, 2016. I would like … Continua a leggere Call-for-abstract: 2017 IUFRO All-Division 3rd Meeting – Freiburg (D) 19-22 sep 2017

X Congresso SISEF: Premi per Giovani Ricercatori Forestali

Si ricorda che il 30 Giugno 2015 scadono i termini per presentare le domande di partecipazione ai premi SISEF per giovani ricercatori forestali: Premio Bagnaresi per miglior poster; Premio SISEF per migliore relazione orale; Premio iForest per miglior articolo scientifico nel biennio precedente al Congresso. I premi saranno assegnati nel corso del 10° Congresso Nazionale SISEF che si terrà a Firenze dal 15 al 18 Settembre 2015. I premi sono nominativi e consistono in un’attestazione scritta e in una somma in denaro. I requisiti per la partecipazione ai premi e le modalità di presentazione della domanda sono consultabili all’indirizzo: a leggere X Congresso SISEF: Premi per Giovani Ricercatori Forestali

XI Convegno Nazionale sulla Biodiversità (Matera, 9-10 giugno 2016): Scadenza Pre-Iscrizioni

Vi ricordiamo che il 15 Giugno scade il termine per inviare la pre-iscrizione e il titolo provvisorio al XI Convegno Nazionale sulla Biodiversità:

Biodiversità e Intensificazione ecosostenibile
Matera, 9 e 10 giugno 2016


  • Università degli Studi della Basilicata – Scuola di Scienze Agrarie, Forestali, Alimentari ed Ambientali (SAFE)
  • Centro Interuniversitario per le Ricerche sulla Caratterizzazione, Conservazione e Utilizzazione del Germoplasma Mediterraneo (CIGM)
  • Istituto di Bioscienze e BioRisorse (IBBR) CNR – Bari

L’XI Convegno Nazionale sulla Biodiversità vuole essere una prosecuzione nel tempo di un dibattito e di confronto tra ricercatori ed istituzioni pubbliche e private sul tema della gestione, monitoraggio e salvaguardia della Biodiversità. Continua a leggere “XI Convegno Nazionale sulla Biodiversità (Matera, 9-10 giugno 2016): Scadenza Pre-Iscrizioni”

2014 Training School of COST Action FP1202 MaP-FGR (7-11 July 2014, Jaca – Spain): call for applications

cost_mapMessage sent on behalf Fulvio Ducci, Chair of the Cost Action FP1202 MaP-FGR and Christophe Besacier, WG4 coordinator

It’s our pleasure to inform you that the 2014 Training School of Cost Action FP1202 MaP-FGR will be organized in Jaca (Spain) on 7-11 July 2014, kindly hosted by University of Saragoza.

The topic of this 2014 TS will be ‘’Adaptation and evolution of Marginal-Peripheral populations of forest trees at the leading, altitudinal and rear edges of species distribution’’.

The TS will focus on:  Continua a leggere “2014 Training School of COST Action FP1202 MaP-FGR (7-11 July 2014, Jaca – Spain): call for applications”

THE IUFRO INCUBATOR Student and Young Scientist Sessions

Call for abstracts  The IUFRO World Congress is pleased to announce a special call for abstracts for the IUFRO Incubator Session – aimed specifically for graduate students and recent graduates to present a summary of their BSc, MSc or PhD thesis work. The call for abstracts will be open from 12 February to 20 March 2014. Submitted abstracts should address one or more of the following session themes: – Forest inventory and modelling, – Forest ecology, biodiversity and silviculture, – Forest health, tree physiology and genetics, – Forest operations, engineering, products, biomass and bioenergy, – Forest policy, social aspects and … Continua a leggere THE IUFRO INCUBATOR Student and Young Scientist Sessions

Bandi DAAD 2014

Nel 2012 il DAAD ha incrementato del 22 % rispetto all’anno precedente  il numero di borse di studio per l’Italia, il Vaticano e San Marino. Grazie a questo cospicuo aumento, quasi 500 studenti, dottorandi, post-doc e professori (solo dall’Italia) hanno potuto realizzare il loro soggiorno di studio o di ricerca in Germania.

Per questo anno accademico il DAAD bandisce oltre 200 borse di studio individuali. I programmi si rivolgono a tutte le discipline e anche coloro che non conoscono il tedesco (in Germania esistono quasi 1.200 corsi di laurea e scuole di dottorato in lingua inglese). Continua a leggere “Bandi DAAD 2014”

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

The University of Edinburgh is offering 30 Global Research Scholarships in UK. The awards are open to students undertaking a research degree in any field of study. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships cannot be held concurrently with fully-funded scholarships such as a Commonwealth Scholarship or a Marshall Scholarship. Each award covers the difference between the tuition fee for a UK/EU graduate student and that chargeable to an overseas graduate student. The awards do not cover maintenance expenses. Eligible applicants should complete an online scholarship application before the application deadline i.e. 3rd February 2014. Continua a leggere “Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship”

2014 « Rising stars » call for applications

Bringing Aix-Marseille University (AMU) to the top research universities worldwide is the ambition of Aix-Marseille University and its partners. Therefore we have applied for the “Initiatives of excellence” call for projects, which is the most important call of the French government’s higher education and research program named “Investment for the future”.

Continua a leggere “2014 « Rising stars » call for applications”

DAAD-Graduate School Scholarship Programs for International Students in Germany, 2014

DAAD annually funds graduate school scholarship programs (GSSP) for foreign doctoral students in structured doctoral programs at German universities. Selected doctoral programs receive a commitment for a total of four DAAD PhD Scholarships (two in 2015 and two in 2016). Each DAAD PhD course is awarded up to three years but in the case of PhD students from developing and emerging countries, scholarships are awarded up to four-year. The selection of doctoral students in a two-stage process. In a first step, write the doctoral programs, the DAAD PhD in public places and nominate suitable candidates for a DAAD scholarship. Per DAAD scholarship two candidates may be nominated. The final selection of scholarship recipients is then in a second step by a selection committee appointed by the DAAD. Continua a leggere “DAAD-Graduate School Scholarship Programs for International Students in Germany, 2014”

FLUXNET Conference


The 6th annual flux course will take place the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station from the 15th through the 26th of July this summer. The fluxcourse ( seeks to cross train attendees in measurement techniques and advanced modeling approaches for quantifying carbon and water fluxes between the atmosphere and the biosphere. The course will be offered to 24 graduate students, post-docs and early career scientists.

Topics will include: flux measurements at the leaf level; modeling leaf CO2 and H2O fluxes; eddy covariance measurements; use of stable isotopes to infer ecosystem-atmosphere fluxes; predictions of fluxes from satellite observations; canopy flux models; assimilation of flux observations and satellite remote sensing data into ecosystem process models; and Bayesian approaches to modeling.  Continua a leggere “FLUXNET Conference”

PhD student in Ecology & Policy at ETH Zurich

The Group of Grassland Sciences (Prof. Nina Buchmann) seeks a Ph.D. student in “Ecology & Policy”.


 Research within the project “Environmental Controls on Forest Growth in Switzerland” with focus on growth estimates of Swiss forests using inventories, stem diameter bands, point-dendrometers and eddy flux stations.

Continua a leggere “PhD student in Ecology & Policy at ETH Zurich”

Newton International Fellowship

This scheme is for non-UK scientists who are at an early stage of their research career and wish to conduct research in the UK.

Sir Isaac Newton FRS (1642-1727) was President of the Royal Society from 1723 until his death.

The scheme provides the opportunity for the best early stage post-doctoral researchers from all over the world to work at UK research institutions for a period of two years.

Continua a leggere “Newton International Fellowship”