Postdoctoral fellowships to study tropical forest

Postdoctoral fellowships to study tropical forest responses to climate at Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

Summary:  Two postdoctoral positions are available within the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division to work on forest mortality modeling and hydrology modeling of tropical forests in relation to climate change.  Successful applicants will work with the most recent version of the Community Land Model (Ecosystem Demography) (CLM(ED)) in collaboration with the National Center for Atmospheric Research and other DOE national laboratories as part of the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment (NGEE) Tropics.  This is a broad advertisement and all interested parties are invited to apply, as the final focus of the project will be open to the postdoc’s expertise.  We encourage applicants who can work across disciplines and draw upon large and unique data sets to study linkages between large-scale forest processes and climate change.

Required skills include experience using numerical simulation models to predict land surface processes, demonstrated ability to publish peer-reviewed papers, effective written and oral communication skills, willingness to work in a team environment, and a Ph.D. pending or received within the last five years.

Desired skills include knowledge of hydrology, physiological, ecosystem, population, or community ecology, fortran or C programming, and experience with the linux operating system. For the mortality position, experience with CLM or ED is an advantage. For the hydrology position, experience with 3-D numerical models of subsurface proceses, root-zone to leaf level water transport, and plant-water interactions are advantageous.

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Prestigioso riconoscimento per Giuseppe Scarascia

Giuseppe Scarascia ha ricevuto questo prestigioso e meritatissimo riconoscimento da parte delle IUFRO: Congratulazioni Giuseppe! E grazie per l’onore che questo riconoscimento porta a  tutte le scienze forestali italiane ! Marco PS Cerchiamo poi di insegnare agli amici IUFRO che non si scrive “Guiseppe”…? 🙂 Continua a leggere Prestigioso riconoscimento per Giuseppe Scarascia

Hydrology: modelling school in Trento

Dear Modellers, this school will be held in Trento (Italy) between the 14 and 18 (both included) of october 2013. The school is the first of a cycle of high educational courses focusing on the hydrologic and environmental modeling by using Object Modeling System (OMS). OMS, a pure Java, object-oriented modeling framework., allows model construction and model application based on components. Information about the system can be found here: The school is dedicated to young Professors, Researchers, Post Docs, PhD students, and environmetal modellers and it is organised in 5 days of lessons and working groups. Lecturers of the … Continua a leggere Hydrology: modelling school in Trento

Successo per iForest

Fondata nel 2008, la rivista internazionale della SISEF (iForest -Biogeosciences and Forestry) si è vista assegnare, pochi giorni orsono, un Impact Factor (IF 2012) di 1.057. Questo dato colloca iForest 28/60 nel settore Forestry, 46/126 fra tutte le riviste italiane ( di tutti i settori) dotate di IF, prima rivista per IF fra le riviste pubblicate in italia dell’area 07 (scienze agrarie e veterinarie). Marco Borghetti Continua a leggere Successo per iForest

2 Postdocs in Germany

2 Postdocs on data assimilation and multiscale parameter regionalization at UFZ Leipzig, Germany

We have job openings for 2 Postdocs to work on
1. Data assimilation in the hydrologic model mHM
2. Implementation of the Multiscale Parameter Regionalization into land surface models

ad 1: Data assimilation in the hydrologic model mHM
A diversity of data from for example soil sensor networks, Eddy covariance stations, rain radar, etc. are acquired on TERENO sites in the coming years. The PostDoc should explore how these different data streams can be used consistently in models of varying complexity such as the hydrologic model mHM or the land surface scheme NOAH-MP. He/she should further investigate how to incorporate information from disparate sensors such as cosmic ray sensors and satellite radiometer into the mesoscale model mHM, which spatial model resolution is in-between the two observation streams. The candidate shall enhance the know-how of the department on data assimilation techniques such as Ensemble Kalman Filters, data fusion, 4D-var, amongst others, which becomes essential to the department in the next years.

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Position available: Scientist in ecosystem modeling at Braunschweig (Germany)

Scientist in ecosystem modeling Thünen-Institute for Climate-Smart Agriculture, Braunschweig, Germany Location: Braunschweig, Germany At the Thünen-Institute for Climate Smart Agriculture of the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute – Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, the position of a Scientist in ecosystem modeling with background in soil science or similar is to be filled as soon as possible on a 2 year fixed-term basis within the FACCE Joint Programming Initiative knowledge hub MACSUR (Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security). Application deadline: 21 May 2013 Further details here: Continua a leggere Position available: Scientist in ecosystem modeling at Braunschweig (Germany)

Ecophysiology Summer School

COST FP0903: Ecophysiological Field Techniques in Climate Change and Pollution Research There are still five positions available for attending the 1-week Summer School on “Ecophysiological Field Techniques in Climate Change and Pollution Research”. The School will be held from Saturday September 28, throughout Friday October 4, 2013, at the University of La Laguna; Dept. Plant Biology, Tenerife, Spain. The training program is organized by Gerhard Wieser and Rainer Matyssek in cooperation with the local hosts Águeda María González Rodríguez, Patricia Brito and Roberto Lorenzo, and Elena Paoletti as Action Chair . Applicants must submit their application to including CV … Continua a leggere Ecophysiology Summer School

Seminario sulla vulnerabilità climatica ed energetica

Lo scrivente Istituto in collaborazione con il Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare ha organizzato per l’ 11 aprile alle ore 15:00 presso l’Area della Ricerca del CNR di Potenza un seminario inerente ” La Vulnerabilità climatica ed energetica dei territori nella programmazione comunitaria 2014-2020: aspetti metodologici e tecnici per la definizione e l’attuazione degli interventi “. A nome del Direttore dell’IMAA-CNR – Dott. Vincenzo Lapenna – desideriamo invitarLa al seminario e cortesemente le chiediamo di darne massima diffusione all’interno della propria struttura. In allegato si inoltra il programma del seminario. Confidando in un Suo positivo … Continua a leggere Seminario sulla vulnerabilità climatica ed energetica


DIBAF, via San Camillo de Lellis, Viterbo, Italy
8 May 2013

IUFRO 4.02.06 – Resource data in boreal and temperate regions
IUFRO 4.02.04 – Geographic and management information systems
Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali – AISF
Consiglio per la ricerca e la sperimentazione in agricoltura – CRA
Società Italiana di Selvicoltura ed Ecologia Forestale – SISEF
DIBAF – Università della Tuscia

FLUXNET Conference


The 6th annual flux course will take place the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station from the 15th through the 26th of July this summer. The fluxcourse ( seeks to cross train attendees in measurement techniques and advanced modeling approaches for quantifying carbon and water fluxes between the atmosphere and the biosphere. The course will be offered to 24 graduate students, post-docs and early career scientists.

Topics will include: flux measurements at the leaf level; modeling leaf CO2 and H2O fluxes; eddy covariance measurements; use of stable isotopes to infer ecosystem-atmosphere fluxes; predictions of fluxes from satellite observations; canopy flux models; assimilation of flux observations and satellite remote sensing data into ecosystem process models; and Bayesian approaches to modeling.  Continua a leggere “FLUXNET Conference”

Post doc position in France

Subject: Post doc position: modelling the impact of storms in the land surface model ORCHIDEE (France)

Info: Sebastiaan Luyssaert

Summary of post
We are recruiting for a new post-doctoral position to play a key part in building the capacity for modelling the impact of storms in the land surface model ORCHIDEE. The role is anticipated for a period of 24 months and is based at the LSCE in France. Research time needs to be spent in both France and Sweden as the successful candidate will be the integrator of this bilateral project.

Capacity building for modelling the impact of storms is an exciting development to the land surface scheme ORCHIDEE. This task will involve: (1) downscaling high resolution wind fields for two regions in Europe, (2) developing a storm module for ORCHIDEE based the existing stand-level model ForestGALES, (3) modelling the structural and functional effects of wind storms including weathering, drainage and run-off in addition to the more typical effects on stand structure and validating the simulations against existing field observations, and (4) a regional attribution study of the effects of wind storms as a function of gap size and storm frequency.

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Convegno Natura 2000 in Basilicata

Natura 2000 in Basilicata:
percorsi di “contaminazione” tra natura, scienza, arte e cultura dei luoghi

Aliano (MT), 4-5-6 aprile 2013
Auditorium Comunale

ENEA, in collaborazione con la Regione Basilicata e Forum Plinianum, organizza un evento che si propone come occasione privilegiata di incontro e di “contaminazione” tra punti di vista e competenze differenti. Continua a leggere “Convegno Natura 2000 in Basilicata”

Postdoctoral Positions in Carbon Biogeochemistry

Postdoctoral Positions in Carbon Biogeochemistry and exchange in Boreal Forest and Mire Ecosystems

We are seeking five highly motivated Postdoctoral Researchers with focus on Carbon biogeochemistry and exchange in boreal forest and mire ecosystems.  The main focus of these positions is on biosphere – atmosphere – hydrosphere dynamics and exchange processes in the boreal forest landscape.

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Postdoctoral position in air quality modelling

Chris Moore, PhD
Division of Atmospheric Sciences
Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV

Do you know of anyone who might be interested in a postdoctoral position in air quality modeling? The group I work in at Utah State University is focused on energy and the environment. We are located in Vernal, an area of intensive oil and gas development, and a lot of our work revolves around high wintertime ozone we experience here during some winters. We are looking for someone with sufficient experience in WRF and CAMx (and/or CMAQ) to hit the ground running. Continua a leggere “Postdoctoral position in air quality modelling”

Post-Master or Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Post-Master or Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate in Software Programming
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN


Project Description:

The Environmental Sciences Division (ESD) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has an opening for a Post-Master’s graduate in its Environmental Data Science & Systems group ( We are seeking a recent (within the last five years) Master’s graduate interested in applied research linking advanced informatics and computer science to data management and distribution in the earth, climate, and environmental sciences.  Continua a leggere “Post-Master or Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory”