COPERNICUS Forestry Summer School

16-20 September 2019, Cariga Podenzano (PC) – Italy

AIT the Italian Remote Sensing Society, jointly with CNR-IREA (National Research Council – Institue for Environmental Sensing of the Environment), EARSeL, Copernicus Programme, e-GEOS, EO4GEO and others is promoting and organizing the Summer School.

The deadlines for candidacy submission is April 30th, 2019.

COPERNICUS Sentinels – Remote Sensing Techniques in Foresty

The Italian Association of Remote Sensing (AIT), jointly with the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (IREA) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), the Laboratory of Forest Geomatics at the University of Florence, the Geomatics Research Group of the DISAFA-University of Torino, in cooperation with European Space Agency (ESA) and European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL), and under the auspicious of EO4GEO project organizes a Remote Sensing Summer School focused on “COPERNICUS Sentinels: Remote sensing techniques in forestry”.

General contents

Copernicus EU-ESA satellites Sentinel 1, 2 and 3 with central focus on forestry applications for mapping modelling, support to policies, measurements, multi-temporal analysis and analytics for applications at different scales. Topics will include: forest type mapping (case studies) with several Earth Observation data, integration in forest inventory, disturbances detection, phenological phases survey and biogeochemical modeling.

Summer School Organization

The School includes lectures covering overviews of all the Earth Observation missions, with special focus on the most recent Cosmo/SkyMed and Sentinel ones, RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems), Earth System Modeling, Data Assimilation, as well as hands-on data processing practical exercises.
• The one-week course (TimeTable) aims at providing students with integrated end-to-end perspectives, ranging from analysis and measurement techniques to operational applications, at different working scales.
• In-field exercises will be organized to collect data through ad-hoc instrumentation: spectral measurements, drone imagery, proximal sensing, etc. Samples’ collection for testing in proximity (weather permitting) of scheduled data acquisition is also planned.


The school is open to early career scientists or employers, such as Ph.D. students, young post-doctoral scientists, technicians specialized in Earth Science disciplines, wishing to expand and improve their knowledge and skills on EO in Forestry. Participation is limited to a maximum of 20 students: a selection based on CVs and motivation letters will be applied. Selected students are expected to attend the school equipped with their own LAPTOP, having adequate capabilities for image processing. We recommend having the SNAP tool already installed. Satellite images, instrumentations (e.g. spectroradiometers, drones, etc) for the in-field excursion are provided by CNR-IREA, geoLAB-DAGRI University of Florence, e-GEOS, ITHACA, DISAFA-University of Torino.

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Summer School

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