Call for Abstracts, EGU 2019: sessions BG2.1 and BG1.55

Vienna, 7-12 April 2019

Sessione BG2.1 “Forest management and climate change: From theory to applications”
Convener: Fabrizio D’Aprile, co-convener: Ugo Chiavetta

In general, the mechanisms that explain how climate variability influences tree growth are known. However, how growth responses vary and distribute among health and viability classes within forest tree populations need to be better understood and pointed out to apply forest planning management under changing climate conditions. Predicting the influence of trends and variability in climate variables on forest health and/or growth responses in the medium term may be a key to develop methods to make climate variability an ordinary and essential tool to achieve the sustainability of uses in forest management where sustainability means biodiversity conservation (or enrichment), mitigation of climate change impacts, carbon dioxide storage, and possibly wood production. In particular, modelling the mechanisms or relationships that use climate variability and trends as main drivers for forest planning and management play a key role in this session.

Sessione BG1.55 “Geophysical and climatological changes: Responses in plant and forest communications”
Convener: Fabrizio D’Aprile, co-convener: Francesco Ripullone

Plant and forest communications is a challenging scientific field that attracts growing attention. From the microhabitat to the wider biosphere levels, evidence of high complexity in communication between plants, species, and their populations shows an unexplored world that deserves to be given more investigation. This raises a relevant question: To what extent geophysical and/or climate changes influence plant and forest communications, and what changes may be expected?

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