PhD opportunities in dendroclimatology and dendroecology at The University of Western Australia

We are currently seeking outstanding Ph.D. candidates interested in dendroclimatology and dendroecology, with links to ecophysiology and stable isotope approaches, who might be interested in coming to Australia. Students would apply for an international UWA Postgraduate scholarship (closing 31 Aug 2018).

Potential projects include (but are not limited to):

(i) investigation of how growth and flood events are recorded by different tree species (with differing wood types and water use efficiencies) on floodplains and creeks; this study will include an analysis of recruitment events and population structure of key long-lived species in the Pilbara region of northwest Australia;

(ii) impacts of drought stress on tree ring structure in native conifers and eucalypts;

(iii) exploring the dendro potential of non-traditional shrub species in Western Australia.

Would you mind circulating through your networks and ask any interested students to get in touch (

The International only round for UWA Postgraduate scholarships is now open until 31 August 2018 for commencement in the first half of 2019.

More information on scholarship opportunities can be found here:


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