Applications open – MEDfOR master programme

We welcome applications to the International Master Degree on Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDfOR).

The MEDfOR Master Course has been developed under the umbrella of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. The master is a two-year International Master Course that takes advantage of education, research and outreach expertise on Mediterranean forestry to address the economic, ecological and social challenges of sustainable forestry and natural resources management.

The Master Course is open to non-EU and EU students.

At least 5 scholarships will be available to students.

Additional MEDFOR scholarships might be available based on the outcomes of applications being made by the Medfor consortium.

Candidates can send their application from 1st February to 15th April.

Ranking of the candidates will be communicated in the first week of May, and the number of scholarships available will be announced by middle May.

All the information is provided here:

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to study in two or three different European Universities in the Mediterranean Basin to get a double or triple degree.

They may further develop their dissertation in associated partner institutions in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and Oceania.

More information is available at or you may contact the co-coordinator:

Catarina Tavares, Ph.D.
MEDfOR Erasmus Mundus Secretariat
Instituto Superior de Agronomia Universidade de Lisboa
Edifício Mário de Azevedo Gomes (Florestais)
Tapada da Ajuda 1349-017, Lisboa

(Segnalato da: Davide Pettenella)