UAV-PhD Day, Free University of Bozen–Bolzano (20 Oct 2016)

Dear colleague,

It is a pleasure to invite you to the UAV – PhD-Day on Thursday October 20th at the Free University of Bozen–Bolzano. During this side-event of the Optimise Cost Action Workshop, a selected number of PhD students will have the opportunity to present their scientific works in a dedicated framework –

PhD students dealing with UAV technology and proximal sensing approaches for the ecological analysis of terrestrial ecosystems in their research projects are invited to participate. The final aim of the event is to create a network for exchange of experiences in this growing field of science. The day will be organized with participant talks and round tables with subtopics. Contributions from PhD students or young researchers (max 1 year from graduation) are welcome. Please register and submit an abstract with your contribution (title, authors, affiliations and text – max 400 words) to

Enrico Tomelleri and Giustino Tonon

Enrico Tomelleri, PhD
Institute for applied remote sensing
EURAC Research
Viale Druso 1
39100 Bolzano

Prof. Giustino Tonon PhD
Forest Ecology and Silviculture
Faculty of Science and Technology
Coordinator of the PhD school in Mountain Environment and Agriculture
Free University of Bozen
Piazza Università , 5
I 39100 Bozen/Bolzano
Tel. 0471017190
mobile 3204250370