EFIMED Week 2016 – Smart Mediterranean Forestry, Bioeconomy and Social Integration

EFIMED Week, 7-9 Nov 2016
Popilia resort, Calabria, Italy

Join us for the EFIMED Week 2016 this autumn (7-9 November) in Calabria, southern Italy. This year´s event is titled: Smart Mediterranean Forestry, bioeconomy and social integration.

We’ll explore how Mediterranean forests could better contribute to the creation of livelihoods, jobs and social opportunities for rural inhabitants and migrants, while also helping address other key challenges, such as energy, water and food security, mitigation and nature conservation.
Come and learn about examples of social forestry in Calabria and in other regions, meet the EFIMED Network and help us identify the critical factors for the creation of a forest-based, sustainable and equitable Mediterranean bioeconomy!




7 November 2016


Opening session – Mediterranean under global change. Key societal challenges
Opening by Calabria Region authorities, FAO and Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Session I – Smart Forestry: innovative Mediterranean value chains
This session will showcase emerging solutions and approaches to increase the role of Med Forest in the green economy. Speakers will be asked to present an “innovative” or successful case and to identify drivers and barriers in relation to policy, innovation frameworks, knowledge needs etc.

Keynotes: Inazio Martinez de Arano (EFIMED); Giorgio Matteucci (CNR-ISAFOM); Prof. Hamed Daly-Hassen (INRAT)

On lessons learned from innovative solutions: in relation to policy frameworks, research priorities, etc.

8 November 2016


Session II – Forestry and social integration
This session will present and review the policies and experiences (i.e. southern Italy and other regions), to integrate marginalised populations and migrants in a broader context of creating value, employment and innovative services.

Confirmed Chair: Laura Secco (University of Padova)
Keynotes: Joachim Englert (SocialForest); Petra Isabell Schwarz (BFW); Grammenos Mastrojeni (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); Spyridon Mamalis (Kavala Institute)

Session III – Promoting and financing social and smart forestry in the Mediterranean: upscaling innovative solutions
This session will develop on current and future needs, on emerging requirements for skills, involving vocational schools, and discuss how to integrate and finance social forestry and smart forestry initiatives.

Keynotes: Rosanna Quagliariello (CIHEAM – BARI); Christian Salvignol (Centre Forestier Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur); Alessandro Leonardi (ETIFOR)

Round table discussion

Session IV – Ways forward and wrap up

A world café, groups break up or another technic will be used to generate conclusions. The idea is to generate recommendations for action at different levels, including EU policies (i.e. Rur Dev) and research topics.
Best Poster Award session for young scientists.

Organisers: EFIMED, the CNR Institute on Mediterranean Agricultural and Forestry Systems, the ALForLab innovation & research project.

9 November 2016


Field trip
Regional Park of Le Serre (beech and silver fir mixed forests), Private Forest Company Poletto (over 2000 ha of managed forests, including Douglas fir plantation) and the Biodiversity State Reserve of Mongiana (example of innovative management in beech forests – LIFE ManFor experience).


(segnalato da: Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza e Marco Marchetti)