Head of EFI Bioeconomy Programme

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is an international organisation established by European States. EFI undertakes forest research and policy support at pan-European and global levels.  EFI’s Headquarters is located in Joensuu, Finland.  EFI has several offices across Europe, and project offices in Malaysia and China. The Institute has app. 100 staff members and has an annual turnover of app. 14 million Euros.  Further information about the organisation is available at http://www.efi.int.

EFI is seeking a senior professional with strong international research and leadership experience to develop EFI’s new Programme on Bioeconomy.

The European forest-based sector is in a period of profound structural changes due to a number of socio-economic, environmental, technological and policy developments. This situation requires foresight and research to reassess the future of the forest-based sector within the emerging bioeconomy. EFI’s Bioeconomy Programme should develop interdisciplinary knowledge at the interface of forest-based products and services markets, forest resources, sustainability, and policies affecting the forest-based sector in Europe.

Further information is available at http://www.efi.int/portal/careers/open_jobs/?bid=2571