Post-Doctoral fellowship

One post-doctoral position is opened at CEF (Forest Research Centre) within the project MEDSPEC – Monitoring Gross Primary Productivity in Mediterranean oak woodlands through remote sensing and biophysical modelling (PTDC/AAG-MAA/3699/2014), funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

Main Scientific field: Environment and Climate change
Scientific area: Environmental and Biological Sciences, forestry
Keywords: spectral vegetation indices, UAV, remote sensing, carbon sequestration
Admission requirements: The post-doc fellowship is suitable for candidates of any nationality holding a PhD in Forestry Biology or related field. The candidates must have research experience in spectroradiometry and remote sensing. It is also desirable previous experience in eddy covariance data analysis. The candidate is expected to be able to work independently, to show initiative, perseverance and to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Excellent speaking and written knowledge of English is required. A proven publication track record is required. In agreement with Portuguese law (no nº4 do art.º 14º do Regulamento nº 339/2015 do Diário da Republica, 2ª Série – nº 116, de 17 de Junho de 2015).

Project overview and workplan

The aim of MEDSPEC is to optimize GPP estimates in Mediterranean oak woodlands by the use of remotely sensed data. Spectral data collected from different instruments will be compared to achieve this goal: ground sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and remote platforms. Detailed, high precision measurements of carbon and water fluxes, by eddy covariance towers and micrometeorological data will be employed to optimize and validate GPP estimates employing remote sensing products.
The research workplan will focus on the ability of spectral information to mirror the sensitivity of different plant functional types, co-existing in Mediterranean oak woodlands, to environmental stress and compare spectral information retrieved at different spatial and temporal scale.
Legislation framework A fellowship contract will be celebrated according to the regulations defined by FCT
“Regulations for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources”, in accordance with Law 40/2004, of 18 August, as amended and republished by Decree-Law No. 202/2012 of 27 August, and as amended by Decree-Law No. 233/2012 of 29 October and by Law No. 12/2013, of 29 January, and Decree-Law No. 89/2013 of 9 July, to Fellowships Regulation of FCT (

Work place: The work will be mainly conducted at CEF, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisboa, Portugal, under the scientific supervision of Dr. Sofia Cerasoli and Dr. João Silva
Fellowship:The duration of the fellowship is 12 months, renewable up to a maximum of two years,
beginning on October 1, 2016.
Monthly allowance is €1495 according to the established by FCT, I.P. in Portugal ( Payment will be made by bank transfer on a monthly basis. The grant holder will have a personal accident insurance and, if not covered by any social protection scheme can ensure the right to social security through adherence to the voluntary social insurance scheme, pursuant to Código dos Regimes Contributivos do Sistema Previdencial de Segurança Social.

The call for applications is open between 27/06/2016 and 15/07/2016 (24:00 GMT).
Applications must be submitted by email to, indicating: “post-doctoral fellowship” in the subject area, and the following documents attached:
(i) Curriculum vitae (including a publication list and other relevant information in the context of the project research goals);
(ii) Motivation Letter (including a brief description of research experience and how it relates to the project, and why the candidate is suitable for the announced position);
(iii) Indication of two references and their contact information;
(iv) Certificate copies of academic degrees (the candidates selected for an interview must present the original certificates). The candidates that fail to include all these documents in their application will not be considered for evaluation.

Selection criteria
The jurypanel will select the best candidate based on his/her merit, through the analysis of:

  • Overall appreciation of the Curriculum Vitae, particularly the publication record (50%);
  • Specific experience in research projects related to the call (30%);
  • Motivation letter (20%)

The best candidates (up to 5) will be invited for an interview (30%), in person or by videoconference, to establish the final ranking. If the candidates do not fulfil the required quality standards the jury might decide not to award the fellowship.
Jury Panel
Chair – Sofia Cerasoli Salvatori, other members of the panel: João Manuel Neves Silva, Nuno Carvalhais.
Results announcement
Candidates will be directly informed by email about the result of their application. The ranking
of the candidates will be published at a visible and public.


Segnalato da Sofia Cerasoli