Permanent position of an associate professor in Forestry

The Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences invites applications for a permanent position of an associate professor in Forestry.

1886851933_campus-evenstadThe holder of the position will be based at Campus Evenstad and will also be connected to an interdisciplinary research group at the research unit of Evenstad Innovation Center.

Evenstad Innovation Center (EIC)

Evenstad Innovation Center (EIC) will focus on economic, ecologic and social sustainability in the innovation and commercialization of biological resources. EIC will have a unit related to innovation and commercialization and a research unit. The present position is connected to the research unit. It is expected that members of the Research unit collaborate in relevant research grant applications, supervision of students, and research accomplishment and publications.

At present we announce 3 positions connected to the EIC research unit (within forestry, agroecology and applied ecology), but expect to expand this group in near future.


To be found qualified for a position as associate professor it is required that the candidate holds a PhD. In addition to a PhD, candidates qualified for a position as a full professor has to show solid scientific production which represents an in depth knowledge of the discipline and adjacent areas of knowledge. For a full professorship we emphasise high quality scientific production during the latest years and indications that this production will continue for the years to come, supervision of PhD-students, successful application for research grants, experience to initiate and head research projects and international activity. It is required that candidates can show relevant practical pedagogical skills, based on education or teaching guidance.

Good skills in a Scandinavian language as well as English (oral, writing and reading), and knowledge of Norwegian forestry are required.

The Faculty is building up a unique team of professionals that can work tightly together in EIC and together with other Faculty. Hence, the appointed candidate for the position has to show skills that are complementary to the whole scientific staff at the Faculty.

Hedmark University College requires that new employees in teaching and research have satisfactory education in pedagogic or accomplish internal mandatory course in pedagogic for College employees.

Evaluation of applicants

An internal scientific committee will do a preliminary screening of all applicants. Further appointment process will include interviews, and relevant candidates will be invited for trial lectures. The most promising candidates will be evaluated by an external scientific committee with regard to their competence as full professor or associate professor. Final decisions will depend on personal skills that fit well in the work environment at the Faculty, scientific skills, and how the candidates’ scientific discipline combines with the total scientific staff on campus.

If there are no qualified and suitable candidates for the position it is possible to employ a candidate without a PhD temporarily for up to 3 years. The holder of such a position can require a new evaluation for a professorship or associate professorship within the period of these three years. The position becomes permanent if the applicant after a new scientific evaluation is found qualified.


Salary follows the State salary scale for professorship, position code 1013, salary step 73-80, which today constitutes between NOK 652 000,- and 781 100,-, or for associate professors code 1011, salary step 57-70, which today constitutes between NOK 483 700,- and 614 700,-.

A higher salary range may be considered for especially qualified candidates. Pension contributions to Statens pensjonskasse will be deducted.

Other conditions

The national workforce should, to the greatest possible extent, reflect the diversity of the population. There is therefore a personnel policy goal to achieve a balanced age and sex composition and recruit from ethnic minority groups.