I International WUIWATCH Workshop: The WUI problem in Europe. Prevention and self-protection

25 May 2015, Alghero

This workshop is organized within the WUIWATCH project by the DIPNET, Department of Nature for Science and Environmental Resources – University of Sassari, Italy.
Experts from Europe and other Countries will discuss about fire prevention and risk mapping at wildland-urban interface (WUI) areas, to identify and highlight the existing open issues and unsolved questions which are relevant for the community involved in WUI protection.

In the first part of the Workshop, invited speakers and stakeholders will present open issues in order to drive the discussion and give an overview of the subjects, illustrated with real-life examples. Then, an open Round Table will further examine the most relevant open questions and WUI fire concerns in Europe.

The I WUIWATCH International Workshop will anticipate another important scientific event, the II International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk, that will be held in Alghero, Hotel Calabona, from 26 to 29 May 2015.

The participation to the Workshop is free of charge and limited to 60 persons. Registration is required.

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