Third International Conference: WOOD IN WORLD RIVERS 2015

PADOVA, ITALY July 6-10 2015


The WWR3-2015, 3rd International Conference Wood in World Rivers aims to analyze the importance of wood of all sizes, both living and dead, and the riparian forests which produce wood, a crucial element for geomorphology, ecology and management of rivers. Main purposes are to: synthesize the knowledge on the physical dynamics and ecological interactions of wood in streams and rivers in different geographical regions; create a framework for interpreting and applying research results and management systems; assess physical and biological responses of large wood in stream restoration; explore links between physical and ecological dynamics of large wood, resource management systems and the communities and cultures in which they are applied.
WWR3-2015 aims to promote also a connection between geosciences and ecology which represents a challenging aspect for restoration purposes. Following the line of the first two conferences on Wood in World Rivers, we would like to attract a wide assembly of wood lovers and to consolidate the idea to have regular International Conferences and Meetings.
The conference topics cover all those interdisciplinary approaches which are characteristic for research studies and applications to disturbed and un-disturbed river and stream environments.
An important goal of the 3rd International WWR Conference is to promote and increase the relationships between scientists and professional operators. The integration of these two worlds will have positive effects on many fields such as surveys, monitoring techniques, design procedures, implementation of projects.
The 3rd International Conference will also offer an extraordinary opportunity for scientists, agencies and companies to meet and improve together the-state-of-the-art of Wood in World Rivers.

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