Permanent junior scientist position based at INRA Montpellier, France

Modelling conflicts and synergies between forest ecosystem services

Job description

Understanding the conflicts and synergies between various ecosystem services is fundamental for an optimal management of forests. These relationships will be investigated in different temperate and tropical forest ecosystems. The scientist will be integrated into an interdisciplinary team and will develop mathematical models to analyse and predict the interactions between tree growth and forest ecosystem services (carbon sequestration, soil conservation and biodiversity). Using existing databases and working in collaboration with diverse INRA and international laboratories, the scientist will also complete knowledge gaps in data. A strong competence in mathematical modelling is required (e.g. partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations, discrete modelling) and/or statistics (e.g. stochastic processes and Bayesian models). Experience in interdisciplinary research, for example ecology or agriculture, will be a bonus.

Level required

PhD or equivalent. A good level of English language is desired. If the scientist recruited has not had any post-doctoral experience, they should endeavor to pass a short sabbatical in a separate laboratory, preferably abroad, before they are promoted to CR1.

Job profile number: CR2-2015-7-EFPA-1
Submission deadline for application package: 2 March 2015
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For more details, please contact:
Dr Pierre Couteron (
Dr Alexia Stokes (
The position will be based at:
Plant Architectural Modelling and Bioinformatics Laboratory (AMAP)
Bld de la Lironde, 34398 Montpellier cedex 5, France