Post-doctoral fellows and Graduate students in modeling and synthesis

The Ecolab of Dr. Yiqi Luo at the University of Oklahoma seeks candidates for two post-doctoral fellows and two graduate students to conduct research in the following areas:

Theoretical analysis of land carbon cycle: We are looking for candidates with strong theoretical and mathematical training to analyze land carbon cycle. The land carbon cycle can be mathematically expressed as a nonautonomous system using an ordinary differential matrix equation (see Luo and Weng, 2011, Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 26:96-104.) The successful candidates will interact with mathematicians and ecologists to analyze the nonautonomous system to understand its fundamental properties and potential applications in carbon cycle research.

Data assimilation with ecosystem models: We are looking for candidates to develop and apply data assimilation techniques to improve coupled carbon-nitrogen cycle models at ecosystem, regional, and global scales.  Data sources are from global change experiments, FLUXNET, satellites, and various networks of observations. Data assimilation is used to estimate parameters, evaluate alternative model structures, analyze uncertainty and its sources of model predictions, and quantify information content of various data sets.

Data analysis and synthesis: We are looking for candidates to carry out data analysis at FLUXNET and data synthesis at global change experiments.  Data synthesis is to integrate diverse results from numerous experiments in a wide range of ecosystems and to reveal general mechanisms of ecosystem responses to global change. Data analysis is to take advantage of a worldwide network of flux measurement to uncover fundamental mechanisms driving ecosystem dynamics.

Ecosystem modeling: We are currently collaborating with several research groups to combine data from laboratory and field studies with ecosystem models in grasslands, Tundra, and forests.  We are looking for candidates to develop and modify the Terrestrial Ecosystem (TECO) model to simulate ecosystem responses to global change in those ecosystems.  Candidates who are interested in integrating microbial genomics data into ecosystem models are particularly encouraged to apply for the position.

Salary for those positions is competitive and commensurates with qualification.

Requirements for the post-doctoral positions include: (1) a PhD in ecology, earth system science, statistics, mathematics, or related areas, (2) demonstrated experience with advanced statistical analysis and/or modeling techniques, (3) strong quantitative skills together with basic ecology training, and 4) high motivation and ability to interact and collaborate with other scientists.

Requirements for the graduate assistantships are consistent with those for graduate admission at the University of Oklahoma plus enthusiasm for and commitment on ecological research.

To apply for a specific position, please contact: Dr. Yiqi Luo, Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019, email:

More information about our group can be found at