Water and Landscape Dynamics PhD Scholarships

at Australian National University

We welcome grant and scholarship applications from highly qualified and motivated (prospective) graduate Honours, MSc and PhD students. Research projects are possible in the general areas of monitoring and forecasting water resources, drought, flooding, bushfire risk, landscape condition and agricultural production; vegetation in the water and carbon cycles; and climate-water relations and the global water cycle. Methodological approaches can include literature review, field experimentation, spatio-temporal satellite remote sensing data  analysis and/or numerical biophysical modelling.

A sample list of currently available topics can be found hereremote_sensingAlternative topics will be considered, but you will need to explain how they will be a good match with our overall research goal, interests and experience, relating your proposal to our publications and current projects. To be eligible for any of the grants or scholarships you must demonstrate:

  1. Ability to pursue high quality research and publications
  2. Experience with biophysical modelling or spatial data analysis using script languages (e.g, Matlab, R or Python)
  3. Understanding of water and landscape processes
  4. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  5. Excellent communication skills

The Fenner School of Environment and Society has a large and dynamic community of MsC and PhD students with access to modern office facilities and high quality computational infrastructure. Our group collaborates closely with the CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, Geosciences Australia and several other agencies, as well as with academic experts in Australia and internationally. Students will be encouraged to collaborate widely and attend national and international conferences.

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