Junior scientist temporary positions available.

at CNR-ISAFOM, Naples, Italy.

The candidate shall conduct research in the area of measurements and/or modeling of the exchange of aerosols, pollutants, GHG, water and energy between land surface and atmosphere.

Tasks include: data collection, manipulation and modeling; development of new research proposals, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, presentation of results nationally and internationally.

We seek dynamic, creative and motivated scientists with PhD in physics, plant ecology, biogeochemistry, meteorology, or related disciplines, with a solid background in atmospheric physics and expertise in one of the following:

  • micrometeorology and flux measurement of trace gases from terrestrial ecosystems;
  • measurement of air quality parameters and fluxes of aerosols and trace gases in urban and extra-urban environments;
  • modeling of the parameters of air quality and fluxes of aerosols and trace gases in urban and extra-urban environments.

Programming abilities and relevant publication record needed. Good knowledge of English as working language.
Driving license required.

We offer a 2-year junior scientist position with possibility of extension up to 5 years, in an international research group focusing on biosphere-atmosphere interactions using micrometeorological measurements. The candidate has the opportunity to develop his/her own research profile.

More information and documentation can be found here