A scientific roadmap for projections of global change impacts on forests

COST Call for Expression of Interest to participate in the COST Strategic Event
A scientific roadmap for projections of global change impacts on forests
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 27-28 August 2014
Europe’s forests contribute substantially to human prosperity and well-being. Forests have been subject to intensive research for centuries. However, new developments such as climate change as well as other environmental and societal changes are challenging our current knowledge about sustainable management of forests. These challenges have been partly addressed by a number of past and ongoing research projects and COST Actions, but a synthesis of what we know and what we do not know regarding the future of forests is needed. This 2-day event will bring together a group of approximately 30 scientists to discuss the challenges and research needs for making projections about the future of Europe’s forests under climate and global change.
The main objectives of the event are to assess the scientific state-of-the-art for making projections of forest responses to global and climate change; to summarise and map the results and impacts of previous COST Actions and European projects on this topic; and to identify gaps in research and opportunities for enhanced collaboration at the European level. The workshop will bring together senior scientists, and Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) from throughout Europe in an innovative and highly participative format that guarantees an attractive and original event.
A key aim of the workshop is to produce a scientific roadmap for organising research efforts and highlighting crucial knowledge gaps regarding the projection of forest responses to climate and environmental change. By synthesising earlier projects and allowing for the development of new research foci, the workshop will identify key scientific progress that is needed to support the long-term sustainable management of Europe’s forests. The roadmap produced through the workshop will be made available to
scientists and policy makers in the form of a written report and could potentially be published in a scientific journal. The workshop will also foster further collaboration among participants.

The Organising Committee is calling for expressions of interest to participate in the event and present a poster highlighting research on the topic at the centre of the workshop. Fifteen leading experts of forests and climate change have already been invited, most of whom have already confirmed their participation. Additionally, there are 10-15 open places for which applicants are sought.
The selected participants will take active part in the workshop and should present a poster of their own work. COST will reimburse* travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses to the successful candidates according to the COST Reimbursement Rules, which will be communicated to participants in due time. (*Costs must be covered by participants and will be reimbursed according to COST rules after the event, so participants must be able to cover the expenses.)

 Application submission deadline: 15 April 2014.
 All interested scientists are invited to apply, but preference will be given to Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) in accordance with the definition in common use at COST (for details visit http://www.cost.eu/service/glossary) and researchers from less research intensive countries, following COST Inclusiveness Policy.
 Applications must be submitted via an online form available at http://forms.cost.eu/ccf-participate.
Applicants must provide personal and contact details, as well as short answers to the following questions:
• How would you benefit by participating in the workshop?
• How would the workshop benefit from your participation?
• What are your current research interests?
• Which are your 3 most representative publications?
• Provide the title of your poster and a short abstract of max. 300 words or 2000 characters (no spaces)

 Applications will be assessed by the Organising Committee. Their decision is final and will be communicated to the successful candidates by 31 May 2014.

Draft programme
 Wed 27 August 2014 – morning: Plenary session for general introduction, invited scientific talks, and introduction to open-space discussion groups.
 Wed 27 August 2014 – afternoon: Open-space discussion groups, ESR poster session and summary of first day.
 Wed 27 August 2014 – evening: Networking dinner.
 Thu 28 August 2014 – morning: Short plenary session with reporting from discussion groups, invited scientific talks and continuation of open-space discussion groups.
 Thu 28 August 2014 – afternoon: Plenary session: Wrap-up of open-space discussions, conclusions, and future steps.

Should you have any questions about this Call, please address them to the Organising Committee to events@cost.eu, indicating “CCF Call – Sarajevo” in the subject line.