Open position at EFIMED

EFIMED has and open position for a Junior Researcher at the EFIMED Offices in Barcelona, Spain.

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is an international organisation established by European States. EFIMED – Mediterranean Regional Office of EFI – aims to coordinate and promote research and networking on Mediterranean forests, forestry and forest products. EFIMED promotes and conducts research, policy advice and networking activities as well as capacity building on key scientific priorities within the scope of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA).

EFIMED is seeking a Junior Researcher in Natural Resource Management. Experience in participatory processes and / or knowledge of watershed management would be an advantage. The working language of the Institute is English.

Tasks and responsibilities:

The Junior Researcher will be integrated into the EFIMED team and will provide support for research and networking activities. In particular:

• Support in the identification of water challenges under global change in selected catchments
• Conduct economic valuation and cost-efficiency analysis of different resource management options, under the supervision of a senior researcher
• Support in the development of innovative solutions for natural resource management (water, forests…)
• Assistance in EFIMED initiatives to increment research outreach and to facilitate the science-policy interface, including contributions to EFIMED communication tools.
• Support in capacity building activities
• Support in project administration (project proposals, financial issues, reporting, communication with partners, intranet development)

Interested candidates are requested to apply online by 28 February, 2014.  

The full job description can be found here

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