Graduate research assistant in Forest Pathology

Glen R. Stanosz, Professor of Tree and Forest Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is interested in applicants to pursue M.S. or Ph.D. degrees while supported as a graduate research assistant.

Position A: Investigation of the influence  of tree age/extension of rotations, as well as site conditions and history, on defects, decay, and both wood quality and quantity in valuable hardwood trees.

Position B: Investigation of the incidence and severity of Heterobasidion root disease in the Great Lakes region and potential for minimizing these in managed conifer forests.

Only well-qualified applicants with backgrounds in forest biology and management, and excellent English speaking and writing ability are encouraged to send a resume, transcripts, and a statement of interests electronically directly to Prof. Glen Stanosz,  The University of Wisconsin-Madison provides graduate research assistants with a generous stipend including medical benefits.