Research Scientist: Integrative Spatial Ecology

at CSIRO – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

We are seeking a motivated and experienced, early career Research Scientist. In this role you will develop a research program to improve the management of our environment and resources through the development of integrative modeling that captures, tests and applies available process-based knowledge at relevant spatial scales (catchment and greater).

Role description:

• Build an integrative ecological research program at spatial scales relevant to addressing national biosecurity and natural resource challenges
• Develop integrative spatial modeling that captures, tests and applies available process-based knowledge
• Be part of a vigorous multi-disciplinary community of scientists

Specifically you will:

• Contribute to building an integrative ecological research program at spatial scales relevant to addressing national biosecurity and natural resource challenges.
• Develop predictive spatial modelling approaches that rely on process-understanding derived from both quantitative and qualitative knowledge sources.
• Generate novel theoretical perspectives by pursuing new ideas and approaches and networking with scientific colleagues across a range of disciplines including the social and economic sciences.
• With assistance initiate the inception, planning and preparation of research proposals and carry out investigations requiring originality, creativity and innovation.
• Present results in a meaningful format, prepare reports for clients and write scientific papers for publication in high-impact journals.
• Ensure end-user impact, including through the development of deep stakeholder relationships.

Location: Dutton Park, Brisbane, QLD
Term: Indefinite

To be successful, you will have:

• A PhD in ecology and spatial sciences, followed by relevant research experience.
• High level proficiency in ecological spatial modelling across large spatial scales, including through the use of ESRI or related products.
• Evidence of ability to develop and pursue novel research aimed at developing a functional understanding of ecological phenomena.
• Demonstrated cooperation and collaboration skills, including an ability to elicit expert opinion from diverse stakeholders and to cross disciplinary boundaries as well as demonstrated ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team.
• Strong written and oral communication skills including an ability to publish research results in high impact journals, write reports and make scientific presentations to audiences with scientific and non-scientific background.
• Experience with elicitation, modelling and statistical techniques relevant to capturing and using process-understanding is desirable, as is research experience in population ecology, invasive organisms and/or water resource management.

About CSIRO: Australia is founding its future on science and innovation. Its national science agency, CSIRO is a powerhouse of ideas, technologies and skills for building prosperity, growth, health and sustainability. It serves governments, industries, business and communities across the nation. CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences is a globally significant centre for sustainability science. It brings together many of CSIRO’s ecologists, social scientists, agricultural scientists, environmental biotechnologists, systems experts and urban scientists. The Division applies this multidisciplinary science to help ensure the sustainability of Australia’s agricultural and forestry systems, built environments, biodiversity, and rural and urban communities and industries.

Applications close 5 November 2013 at 11.30pm.

For further information and to apply online for the position of Research Scientist: Integrative Spatial Ecology please click ‘More information’ below.

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