PhD and Post-Doc positions

segnalato da Federico Magnani

Three post-doctoral researcher and one Ph.D. student positions:
Modelling terrestrial biogeochemical cycles, climate change-land use change interactions and feedbacks

Land-use and land-cover changes (LULCC) are a major contributor to global and regional climate change. Yet our quantitative understanding of the manifold LULCC – climate interactions is still poor. In order to improve our knowledge of climate change impacts on a number of terrestrial ecosystem processes, and of the impacts of LULCC on climate change in turn, we seek to address in particular the following topics:

-Effects of forest management, secondary forest re-growth and mortality on terrestrial carbon balance
-Effects of climate change and LULCC on vegetation dynamics and emissions of aerosol precursors (wildfire, BVOC)
-Relative role of climate change, change in atmospheric composition and LULCC on ecosystem services
-Land-atmosphere biophysical and biogeochemical exchange processes, and associated feedbacks to climate change
-Model evaluation, visualisation of model output, development of meta-models and emulators

These positions are funded through the EU-FP7, and the Helmholtz Association.
The work is based on applying the dynamic global vegetation model LPJ-GUESS, and will contribute to the further development and application of the Earth System model EC Earth. The project is done in close collaboration with Lund University, Sweden, and other institutions in Europe. The appointees must be willing to visit partner institutions, and have very good spoken and written skills in communicating in the English language. Candidates for all positions must have proven knowledge of a computer language (ideally: C++), and simulations on Linux clusters, and come with a degree in a quantitative environmental sciences discipline, for instance meteorology, environmental physics,  or plant ecophysiology.

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