Conference: Climate change and its implications on ecosystem services and society

segnalato da Valentina Bacciu

The First Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences will take place on September 23-24, 2013 at the Castle of Charles V, Lecce, Italy. The conference, entitled “Climate change and its implications on ecosystem services and society” aims to involve scientists, researchers, policy makers, Italians, and foreigners working in close contact with our country, whose activities closely affect aspects of climate change and their relationships on environmental and socio-economic systems.

The main objectives of the Conference:
Create and promote an interdisciplinary platform for discussion of climate systems and its interactions with environment and society;
Promote a constructive and transdisciplinary dialogue between scientists, decision makers, operational service providers and general public;
Explore and model physical-chemical-biological-societal-economic responses through advanced technical capabilities;
Foster scientific exchange on sustainable growth, adaptation and mitigation policies.

Advances in Climate Science
Theories, observations, and models of the dynamics of atmospheric and oceanic fluids: climate change, rapid environmental changes, forecasts and projections, mesoscale processes and extreme events.

Implications on ecosystem services
Analysis, projections, models and evaluation of climate change impact and extremes on natural ecosystems and agriculture.
Changes in land-use and land-cover, also due to extreme hydrological and hydrogeological events.
Adaptation and mitigation strategies for hydrological and hydrogeological risks.
Adaptation and mitigation strategies for the management of water resources.

Climate policy and economic assessments
Translate the interactions between climate and the processes concerning ecosystems into economic values.
Plan and evaluate strategies for adaptation and mitigation policies.
Assess the impacts of climate extremes and climate change on public health.
Climate change and urbanization: implications, feedback and evaluation of strategies and of public choices.
Implications of climate change on cultural heritage preservation, analysis and assessment of the vulnerability of cultural heritage related to climate change and potential strategies for adaptation and mitigation.

How to present your work : a short paper (a maximum 3,000 words) should be submitted online in its final version, in English, no later than May 20, 2013. Authors are requested to follow the instructions and the format downloadable from the website, and to choose the type of presentation (oral presentation or poster). A notification of the acceptance of your work will be communicated to you by June 3, 2013. All work will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

For further information please visit the Conference webpage