Ecophysiology Summer School

COST FP0903: Ecophysiological Field Techniques in Climate Change and Pollution Research

There are still five positions available for attending the 1-week Summer School on “Ecophysiological Field Techniques in Climate Change and Pollution Research”. The School will be held from Saturday September 28, throughout Friday October 4, 2013, at the University of La Laguna; Dept. Plant Biology, Tenerife, Spain. The training program is organized by Gerhard Wieser and Rainer Matyssek in cooperation with the local hosts Águeda María González Rodríguez, Patricia Brito and Roberto Lorenzo, and Elena Paoletti as Action Chair . Applicants must submit their application to including CV and motivation letter by April 30. Further details are available at

Costs are covered by COST as far as I know
ClimTree 2013
International Conference
Climate Change and Tree Responses in Central European Forests
Zürich, Switzerland
September 1-5, 2013

The conference aims at exchanging state of the art research regarding direct (physical environment) and indirect effects (interspecific interactions) of climate change (CC) on the performance of trees and forest ecosystems. Topics to be discussed range from tree physiology and genetics, to disturbances and community diversity. The conference will maintain a clear regional focus on Central Europe including the Alps and Carpathians. Keynotes on the response of trees and forest ecosystems to CC in the focal region and in other regions of the world will frame the sessions, which are open for contributed talks.

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