49° Corso di Cultura in Ecologia – The earth in the Anthropocene

Segnalato da Tommaso Anfodillo

3-5 Giugno 2013,  San Vito di Cadore (BL) – Italy

In the last few years, the topic related to the new geological epoch affected by the human activities has been the focus of a progressive intense discussion. The scientific community is debating the fact that we are living in a new era, the Anthropocene, where human activities may leave a significant signature on the Earth, by altering its morphology and ecosystems. The recognition and the analysis of such signature represent a real challenge to better understand the evolution of our Planet. This analysis can help in scheduling a suitable environmental planning for a sustainable development, and to mitigate the consequences of anthropogenic alteration. The purpose of this short summer course, is to present the state of the art and the recent advances about environmental change on Earth caused by human presence and activities in different disciplines such as geomorphology, hydrology, ecology, and biogeosciences.

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