16th European Forum on Urban Forestry Conference – Milano (Italy) 7-11 May 2013

Segnalato da: Raffaele Lafortezza

On behalf of IUFRO’s Urban Forestry research group (6.07.00), I have the following updates for you:

16th European Forum on Urban Forestry – “The Walking Urban Forest: a dynamic green infrastructure for our cities”. Milan, Italy, 7-11 May 2013

The website for this event, co-hosted by our IUFRO group, is now updated, see http://www.emonfur.eu/pagina.php?sez=91&pag=554&label=EFUF+2013. The call for abstracts will be opened soon.

Dr Cecil C. Konijnendijk

Professor, Green space management
Division of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen
Rolighedsvej 23
1958 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Contact: cck@life.ku.dk