La scomparsa di Paul Jarvis

Riceviamo dall’amico e collega Maurizio Mencuccini, con la lettera che riproduciamo, la triste notizia della scomparsa di Paul Jarvis. Tutti noi ci sentiamo ora privi di un amico e di un grande maestro.

Marco Borghetti

Dear colleagues and friends,
we have just heard the sad news that Paul Jarvis died yesterday. He collapsed and died immediately, at home, just before departing for a family holiday, and having recently returned from Namibia. He was 77.
Paul Jarvis, FRSE, FRS, was Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Edinburgh (UK) where he still was Emeritus Professor after his retirement in 2001. Although now more seldomly seen in the Department (now a School), he was still very much scientifically and personally active and was currently working with a few of us on writing an article on the response of net ecosystem exchange of a spruce plantation to thinning. He had a profound influence on many of us and he continued to stimulate everybody with his style of penetrating questions at conferences and seminar times. I attach a biographical sketch that Keith McNaughton and John Grace produced on occasion of his retirement conference, when a book titled Forests at the Land-Atmosphere Interface was produced.

Bio piece Paul Jarvis CABI book

Maurizio Mencuccini, University of Edinburgh