DACA 2013 Sessione Forest-snow interactions

Segnalato da:  Michele Freppaz

In occasione della Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly 2013 (8-12 Luglio 2013) è stata organizzata la sessione Forest-snow interactions ( http://www.daca-13.org/index_EN).

Interactions between snow- and forest covers involve a variety of fascinating processes and feedback mechanisms. Structure and functioning of boreal and mountain forests is greatly affected by snow cover and snowfall. Snow cover duration can, for example, be a critical factor for seedling survival and soil nutrient dynamics in snow rich areas, whereas heavy snowfall events and avalanches can cause severe forest disturbances. Forest structure and composition, on the other hand, influence snow properties and related hydrological and climatological settings in many ways. For example, changes in canopy cover have implications on avalanche regimes or forest albedo when snow covers the ground. Thus, the aim of this session is to give an overview and share the developments being made in the field of interactions between forest- and snow properties and about the underlying ecological and hydrological processes under tree canopies .

We particularly welcome contributions that are cross disciplinary and encompass forest ecology/soil science as well as hydrology/meteorology. The session should thus provide a basis to better understand the implications of changes in forest cover and snow regimes on ecosystem functioning and services…

More information: http://www.daca-13.org/index_EN