COST-FTP Young Researchers Forum 2013 – applications invited

Segnalato da: Francesco Loreto

Dear FPS DC Member,

On behalf of the Chair and Vice Chair of DC FPs I would be grateful for your assistance in distributing the following message. In particular DC Members from COST countries that participate in fewer FPS Actions than would be expected on the basis of the potential of that country’s FPS research capacity are asked to make a special effort to disseminate this and to encourage applications from Young Researchers from their country: BA, CZ, EE, HU, LV, LT, MK, RO, RS, SK, TR.

After the successful COST – FTP Early Stage Researcher Workshop 2011 the organising institutions (COST, FTP, EFPRO, INNOVAWOOD and EFI) have decided to invite Young Researchers again to present their ideas in conjunction with the 8th FTP conference in Barcelona.

Young Researchers (post graduates from universities, PhD students and PhDs with a professional career of less than 8 years) from the science community and from industry, i.e. universities, research organisations and companies are invited to present results/ideas of their research work and to discuss those with colleagues from all across Europe and with industry representatives and the COST – FTP Young Researcher Forum which will take place in the afternoon 11 March 2013 till lunchtime 12 March.

Around 25 Young Researchers will be selected to present at the forum and during the forum two of these will be selected to present their work at a plenary session of the 8th FTP Conference on 13 March 2013. All Young Researchers selected to present at the COST-FTP Young Research Forum will receive free entry to the FTP Conference and will have their travel, accommodation and subsistence costs reimbursed by COST.

Invitations from Young Researchers from all COST countries are invited and applications are especially encouraged from Young Researchers from COST countries with potential for higher involvement in COST (e.g., COST countries outside of the EU15).

The details of the call as well as the application form you will find in the attachment and on the COST web page Applications should be sent to Please distribute this call within your networks and via your web-pages.

Kind regards.

Melae Langbein
Science Officer FPS
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