Postdoctoral position in Cell Biology of Forest Trees

The position has its base at the Department of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics, Uppsala BioCenter, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala. The department undertakes fundamental reserach on agricultural crops, forest trees, Salix and model organisms to understand the basis of development, adaptation, breeding and evolution in plants. The department offers a creative and stimulating international environment, and is one of six departments that make up the cluster ”Uppsala BioCenter” at SLU. For more information, please visit our homepage

Most morphogenic events in plants occur in the sporophyte following seed germination, however, the embryonic phase is crucial as it is then the plant body pattern is specified. The genetic regulation of embryo development has mainly been studied in the model plant Arabidopsis. However,
angiosperms and gymnosperms separated approximately 300 million years ago and patterning during embryo development differ significantly between the two groups. We have developed somatic embryogenesis in Norway
spruce as a model system for studying embryology in conifers.

Characterization of genes regulating embryo development, their expression patterns and their functions in conifers is interesting from an evolutionary point if view. But it is also important for increasing the possibility to propagate economically important conifers via somatic embryos. The main goal of the
postdoc project will be to study the role of candidate genes during early embryo development in conifers.

The applicant should be highly motivated and have a PhD degree in plant molecular biology, plant physiology, developmental biology or related field. The applicant should have good understanding of plant biology and
experience in molecular biology. Proven skills in both oral and written scientific English are required. To be appointed as a postdoc, the applicant should have been awarded her/his PhD no more than three years ago at the time of application. An applicant awarded a PhD degree more than three years ago can be appointed as a researcher.

Documents that should be included in the application: CV, Publication list, PhD diploma, copies of no more than five publications. A short description (2-4 pages) of previous research, current research interests and other activities of relevance for the position. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of at least two reference persons.

Place of work: Uppsala, Sweden.

Form of employment: The position is initially limited to one year but extension is possible.

Extent: 100%.

Starting date: The position is available from January.

We welcome your application marked with Ref no. SLU ua 4027/2012. Please submit your application to the Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden or no later than January 10,

Further information:
Sara von Arnold