Lectureship in Terrestrial Vegetation Ecology at Edinburgh University

Segnalato da: Federico Magnani

Lectureship position at Edinburgh University

Applications are invited for a Lectureship in the area of Terrestrial Vegetation Ecology. You will be expected to develop an outstanding programme of research relevant to ecological and environmental science questions, founded on the observation and analysis of processes and the interpretation of data related to terrestrial vegetation ecology, likely making use of advanced statistical tools.

Example areas of application might include the analysis of trophic networks, material and energy flows, plant-herbivore and plant-soil interactions, or impacts of climate change on plant community distribution. This research programme will be of international standing and should lead to significant impacts within the particular field of speciality. You will also be expected to
lead delivery of undergraduate courses in Ecological and Environmental Sciences and in related ecological undergraduate courses in Geography, and may contribute to the delivery of postgraduate Masters Programmes (e.g., Ecosystem Services).

This is an open-ended post from 01 October 2012.

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