PhD offer – Vacancy Code 102_BEM_ADME_1

Segnalato da: Francesco Loreto
Fondazione Edmund Mach (S. Michele all’Adige – TN, Italy)
Research and Innovation Centre

Training posting – Training opportunità – PhD offer Vacancy Code 102_BEM_ADME_1
Job title: Research Fellowship to support PhD students for the project MAN-VIP – Metabolomics in Arundo donax

Job description
Arundo donax is a promising non model crop for biomass and bioethanol production from marginal lands in the Mediterranean area. The project aims at (1) the development of genetic and genomic resources for this non model species by next generation sequencing, (2) the characterization of selected biosynthetic pathways for isoprenoids production, (3) the manipulation of Arundo donax volatile organic compound emissions and (4) the characterization of photosynthetic performance, secondary metabolism and stress tolerance.

Duties / Tasks
Characterization of Arundo and other high emitting species in terms of volatile organic compound production, in particular through PTR- MS analysis and spectroscopic detectors. Other physiological characterization of Arundo as photosynthetic performance, stress tolerance and primary and secondary metabolism. Dissemination of results, preparation of progress reports, participation to manuscript preparation. The work will be carried out in a multidisciplinary team under the supervision of a FEM researcher.

Biogenic volatile organic compounds; direct injection mass spectrometry, real time monitoring; renewable energy; biomass and bioethanol production; stress physiology; primary and secondary metabolism

Contract type and length
The grant will be 20.000,00.= €uro / yearly (gross). The Fellowship is for three years (36 months) with a possible extension of one year. Requirement for the grant is the admission to a PhD school chosen by the candidate in conjunction with FEM within the first year of fellowship. Reasonable registration costs for the PhD course will be covered by FEM

Languages knowledge
English language well-written and fluently spoken.

IT knowledge
Proficiency with MS office or Openoffice suites as well as statistical and data analysis software. Hands on experience with analysis of mass spectrometric data (ToF in particular) is highly appreciated.

Required title to join the selection
MSc in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or corresponding

Required experience
Basic knowledge about mass spectrometry and analytical chemistry preferably for metabolic analyses. Hands on experience with ToF mass spectrometry, volatile compounds analysis, plant volatile analysis, statistics and data minig are a plus.

Psychosocial skills
Self-motivation and ability to carry out projects under supervision in a team. Enthusiasm and fast learning. Good social, communication and reporting skills.

Franco Biasioli

To apply for the position the applicants should send a message mentioning in the subject the code (102_BEM_ADME_1) to the email account phd.fem [AT] including the following items:
1. an up-to-date CV (Please add the following phrase to your CV otherwise your application will not be considered: I consent to the use of my personal data in accordance with the provisions of decree 196/2003). Save your file in this way: Surname Name_cv.doc or .pdf;
2. the filled application form available online (102_BEM_ADME). Save your file in this way: Surname Name_af.doc; The deadline for the submission of the applications is the 20th June 2012 – we will accept speculative applications after this date.

Short list candidates
FEM will short-list the applicants. We will notify the short-list candidates for an interview in San Michele or for a phone interview. The other candidates will be notified at the end of the recruiting procedure.

Information about CRI
The Research and Innovation Centre of the foundation (CRI), with more than 200 employees, has a mission to promote and enhance the Trentino land-based economy through studies and innovation that improve agricultural and environment products and enhance the quality and nutritional value of food products. It sustains the region’s environmental resources through development and promotion of low-impact agricultural practices, study and preservation of biodiversity, and characterisation of alpine and subalpine ecosystems. The centre operates fully integrated research programs and state-of-the-art platform technologies to deliver innovative solutions and competitive products for our stakeholders and end-user communities.

Equal opportunities
The position is open to both genders, Law n. 903, 9/12/1977, art. 1. The policy and practice of the Edmund Mach Foundation require that all staff are offered equal opportunities within employment.

Data treatment
All data supplied by applicants will be used only for the purposes of determining their suitability for the position and will be held in accordance with the principles of the Personal Data Protection Code, Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003. By sending the Cv and application, the candidate consent and authorize the Foundation to the use of his/her personal data.

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