Scholarships available for Mediterranean Forestry Master

Segnalato da: Piermaria Corona

The Universities of Lleida ( Spain ),  Valladolid  ( Spain), Padova (Italy), Tuscia (Italy), Catholic of Portugal (Portugal) and Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal, coordinator) are promoting with six associate partners (EFIMED, ENFI-Morocco, INRGREF-Tunisia, CTFC-Spain, INRA-France and CIHEAM) a two year Eramus Mundus Master course on Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDFOR).


MEDFOR emphasis is on educating the leaders of the future generation of engineers, managers, researchers and teachers involved in forestry and natural resources management, providing them a solid scientific habilitation and the competences for the new challenges of the future forest sector


Scholarships are available for both European and non European applicants with target scholarships:

  • B1. European Students (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greeks, others…) – total of 7 scholarships
  • B2. Tunisia and Egypt countries – 1 scholarship
  • B3. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine countries – 1 scholarship
  • B4. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo, Turkey – 1 scholarship  


Period of application for all the scholarships until January 31st.


More info of the Master course is available in (*)

* MEDFOR consortium partners have established a requisite of an English certificate (TOEFL, IELT) for the applicants. Assuming the difficulty of these requisite, the consortium consider this, and applicants without the certificate will be admitted. In this case, skype interview or solid recommendation guaranteeing the English fluency is needed.


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