PhD Scholarship in Terrestrial Ecohydrology

Post doc opportunity at LLNL (California) in ecosystem modeling

Categoria: Opportunità di Lavoro
Inviato da: Giorgio Matteucci

Data evento: 31 Ott 2011

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has an immediate position for a post-doctorate scholar in the Atmospheric, Earth and Energy Division.
The candidate should have a background in biosphere-atmosphere exchange and will work with Dr. Sonia Wharton (LLNL) and Dr. Matthias Falk (UC Davis). We are looking for someone to run the ecosystem flux model ACASA to better understand the role of turbulence in the boundary layer on CO2 flux transfer, particularly at night. He or she will have access to two established flux towers (the Wind River AmeriFlux station – a 500 year old forest! and a grassland tower near Livermore, CA), a ground-based LIDAR unit (profiles of wind speed and turbulence up to 200 m), radiosondes, soil respiration chambers, and the lab’s extensive supercomputer facilities.
The post-doc will have opportunity to collaborate with climate, atmospheric, and carbon scientists at LLNL, University of California at Davis, University of Washington, and NEON.
This is a two year position with the possibility of a third year depending on funding. The salary is extremely competitive and the candidate must have earned their Ph.D. within 5 years of the employment offer. LLNL is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary research environment about 50 miles east of San Francisco. 


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