Postdoctoral Scholar in tropical ecosystem and global change science

Postdoctoral Scholar

Categoria: Opportunità di Lavoro
Inviato da: Toby Marthews

Data evento: 19 Nov – 31 Dic 2010


University of Arizona (2 years with possible extension)

Begin consideration of applications: Nov 15, 2010
Start Date: Early 2011

We invite applications for a postdoctoral scholar in tropical forest carbon dynamics and global change science, with a core focus on eddy flux tower methods. We seek outstanding highly motivated candidates to combine cutting edge research on tropical forest response to climatic variability with an opportunity to help coordinate an international education and training program (including an intensive advanced tropical field course in the Amazon). Candidates whose background is drawn from a range of disciplines, including biometeorology, ecology, atmospheric science, remote sensing, hydrology, plant physiology, or an interdisciplinary combination of these, are welcome.

This fellowship provides exceptional opportunities to collaborate with a broad inter-disciplinary team of American and Brazilian scientists, including at Brazilian institutions such as the University of São Paulo, the Brazilian Institute for National Amazon Research (INPA) in Manaus, and the Federal University of Pará (UFOPA) in Santarem.

The focus is on scaling carbon dynamics from leaf traits to landscapes, by integrating eddy flux methods with a range of other approaches, including leaf-scale ecophysiology and remote sensing (from both tower-mounted automated multi-spectral cameras, and from satellites) to understand forest phenology and interannual variation with climate across the Amazon. Experience with field instrumentation, and strong quantitative and programming skills are required. Experience in quality assessment and control in the harmonization of multiple eddy flux tower datasets, in modeling, and in remote sensing methods, is a plus. Familiarity with (or willingness to learn) Portuguese is also desirable.

This is part of an NSF funded Partnership for International research and Education (PIRE) project, Amazon-PIRE (which promotes interdisciplinary research in these areas using eddy flux towers, isotopic methods, field measurements, high-resolution aircraft-based LIDAR measurements of forest structure, satellite-based remote sensing, manipulations inside the tropical rainforest biome inside the University of Arizona’s unique Biosphere 2 facility (, and multi-scale modeling.)

The University of Arizona is an equal-opportunity employer. Application includes: CV, contact information of three references, and a one-page statement of the applicant’s doctoral research, and future research interests in the context of this position. Please apply online at: For more information, please contact Dr. Scott Saleska, Director, Amazon-PIRE Program, .


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