Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

5th ALTER–Net Summer School

Categoria: Corsi di Specializzazione
Inviato da: Giorgio Matteucci

Data evento: 05 – 14 Set 2010

TheSummerSchool Objectives
5 – 14 September 2010
Peyresq, Alpes de Haute-Provence, France

ALTER-Net is a partnership of 22 research organisations in Europe, developed in the EC´s Sixth Framework Programme. ALTER-Net´s mission is to improve the sustainable use, management and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems through the integration of European interdisciplinary research capacity and knowledge. It will do this by working in partnership with its main European stakeholders in scientific, policy and public sectors, and by a training programme featuring an annual Summer School.

TheSummerSchool Objectives
The ALTER-Net Summer School shall contribute to durable integration and spread of excellence within and beyond the network, with a view to promote interdisciplinary approaches.
The 2010 Summer School will focus on:
Biodiversity and ecosystems in Europe;
Ecosystem processes, function, services and benefits;
Resilience of social and natural systems;
Valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services;
Linking biodiversity research with policy and the public.

Experts will give lectures on the themes mentioned
above. Guided by tutors in the afternoons,
working groups will discuss implications
of findings for an actual European ecosystem
and its services and compile these results.

ALTER-Net Summer School Secretariat:
Sabine Lütkemeier
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Telegrafenberg A51
14473 Potsdam, Germany
E–mail: Sabine.Luetkemeier pik–

ALTER-Net Secretariat:
Jiska van Dijk
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research-NINA
NO-7485 Trondheim, Norway

For more information on ALTER-Net see:   


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