7th International Phytotechnology Society Conference


Categoria: Congressi
Inviato da: Nelson Marmiroli

Luogo: University of Parma, Italy
Data evento: 26 – 29 Set 2010
Contatto: webmaster@phytosociety.org
Web: http://www.phytosociety.org

Dear Colleague, the 7th International Phytotechnology Society
the University of Parma, Italy, from September 26th to 29th, 2010.

The general purpose of the meeting is to organize a multidisciplinary forum
for scientists, companies, regulators, practitioners, public administrators,
stakeholders, site owners, bound together by the interest in
Phytotechnologies and their future developments. After the Copenhagen
meeting of December 2009 open issues like Environmental Remediation, Energy,
Health, Sustainability require the interest and the effort of the entire
social communities including science and technologies for their solution.
In particular green (plant) technologies (Phytotechnologies) can bring
about the holistic approach which is asked for many sides.
Meeting will start in Parma Sunday September the 26th and conclude on
September the Wednesday 29th. Session topic will include among others
Phytoremediation Field Projects, Bioenergy and Next Energy, Passive Housing,
Greenbuilding, Carbon Sequestration, Vegetative Covers, Constructed
Wetlands, Nanoparticles and plants, Sustainability, Molecular Engineering
Related to Phytotechnologies.
All the scientific community is invited to join the Phytoconference.

Subject: Value of joining the International Phytotechnology Society

Dear Colleague, the future of natural resources and of the planet rests on
innovation in science and technology towards clean practices for agriculture
and industry, towards prevention and remediation of pollution. Plants can
provide tools and approaches for improving sustainability of anthropic
activities, and phytotechnologies have been proposed since over 20 years as
a solution.
The International Phytotechnology Society (IPS) is a no-profit, worldwide
professional society comprised of individuals and institutions engaged in
the science and technologies using plants to deal with environmental
problems. IPS’s mission is to promote research, education, training, and
application of those technologies that use plants to deal with problems of
environmental contamination, carbon sequestration, alternative fuels, and
ecological restoration. IPS is open to all researchers, practitioners,
regulators, site owners and interested and concerned individuals and
institutions who want to promote a natural way to deal with environmental
After the results of the Copenhagen conference 2009, the burden for
scientists and researchers to make their voice heard and their work
appreciated has become more relevant, to provide new technologies, new
solutions, new approaches against climate change and environmental
This is why we invite you, all researchers in academies, public
institutions, companies, to become a member of IPS. The subscription is not
expensive, and provides free access to the International Journal of
Phytoremediation. Our next world meeting will be held in Parma, Italy, from
26 to 29 September 2010. It is an occasion for getting to know us at our
best. Visit http://www.phytosociety.org to keep updated on all initiatives and for
registration to the Society.

On behalf of the Executive Board of IPS
Prof Nelson Marmiroli
For further contact: webmaster@phytosociety.org 


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