Junior Scientists: full time tenure-track position


Categoria: Opportunità di Lavoro
Inviato da: Thierry Constant

Luogo: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Nancy, France
Data evento: 29 Gen 2010
Contatto: constant@nancy.inra.fr
Web: http://www.inra.fr/drh/js2010/

The French National Institute for Agricultural Research is searching for a 2nd class junior scientist (Chargé de Recherche 2e classe), for a full time tenure-track position in the field of spatial statistics, forest ecology and forest biometrics. Possible research areas are:
– Tools and methods to describe the spatial organization of the different component of forest stands.
– Relationships between the spatial organization and various aspects of forest stand dynamics (demography, production, structure, resistance and resilience to risk factors, biodiversityŠ).
– Inference of past biological processes from present spatial stand structure.
– Methodology to create virtual forest stands with realistic spatial structures, to be used in stand growth simulations.

A PhD (or equivalent degree) in forestry, ecology, statistics or related fields is required.

The candidate will develop herhis activities within a Joint Research Unit (UMR), which carries out mission-oriented research in the field of forest ecology, forest growth, wood science and forestry extension. The research unit is involved in many national and international research programs.
Research unit:
Name: UMR 1092 LERFoB – Laboratoire d’Etudes des Ressources Forêt-Bois
INRA centre: Nancy
Address: 54280 Champenoux, France
http://www.nancy.inra.fr/foret_bois_lerfob/ (site under construction)

Application requirements are available on the INRA website at:
english version: http://www.inra.fr/drh/js2010/
french version: http://www.inra.fr/drh/cr2010/
Reference of the position: CR2-2010-8-EFPA-1

Before sending their application, candidates are advised to contact:
Thierry Constant, LERFOB, INRA Nancy
Phone: +33 3 83 39 40 66
E-mail: constant@nancy.inra.fr



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