Urban Environmental Pollution – UEP 2010: Young Research Scientist Awards


Categoria: Congressi
Inviato da: Elena Paoletti

Luogo: Boston, USA
Data evento: 01 Feb – 23 Giu 2010
Contatto: UEP2010@elsevier.com
Web: http://www.uep2010.com

Up to three Young Research Scientists will be invited to give funded
lectures at UEP2010

Urban Environmental Pollution – UEP 2010
Overcoming Obstacles to Sustainability and Quality of Life
Boston, USA June 20-23, 2010

NEW! Young Research Scientist Award
Apply now at: http://www.uep2010.com

Awardees, who must be a young scientist in early career stage and
actively engaged in research, will each receive up to three nights’
accommodation at the conference hotel, free registration and
reasonable reimbursement for travel expenses.

To apply, please send details of original, innovative
results/findings from your research which add significant new
nowledge in the area of urban environmental pollution to the
conference secretariat by January 22, 2010. Additional criteria
for selection are detailed on the Award pages.

UEP 2010 will provide a forum for nowledge exchange and discussion
regarding the latest information about the unique nature of urban
environments, assessment of urban environmental pollutants and their
effects, and measures that can be taen to overcome obstacles to
sustainability, ecological integrity and life quality.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations by February 1, 2010 are
invited on the following topics:

– Nature of urban environments
– Air pollutants, heat islands, climate change
– Soil and water pollution, storm water retention
– Ecology, biodiversity, invasive species

Urban Environmental Pollution is organized and sponsored by Elsevier
and the journal Environmental Pollution.

Conference Chair
William Manning, University of Massachusetts, USA
Editor-in-Chief: Environmental Pollution

Keynote Speaer
Christopher Kennedy, University of Toronto, Canada

For further information visit: http://www.uep2010.com or contact Kay Russell
at UEP2010@elsevier.com 


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