Summer Course on Fluxes and Modeling

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Data evento: 19 – 30 Lug 2010

3rd Annual Summer Course in Flux Measurements and Advanced Modeling

Deadline for application extended to April 15, 2010

Between July 19-30, 2010 we will convene the 3rd Annual Summer Course in Flux Measurements and Advanced Modeling at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station, near Boulder, Colorado. The two week course includes lectures and hands-on problem-solving sessions on topics including CO2, H2O and energy exchange from leaf-to-landscape, and model-data assimilation approaches for redicting exchanges across broad spatial and temporal scales.

Guest teachers include, Ray Leuning, Dennis Baldocchi, Dave Bowling, Russ Monson, Dan Yakir, Dave Moore, Marcy Litvak, Kiona Ogle, Tristan Quaife, Paul Stoy, Dave Schimel, Andrew Richardson, John Zobitz, Carl Bernacchi, as well as Larry Jacobsen and Ed Swiatek from Campbell Scientific, and Shannon Loriaux and Pat Morgan from LiCor.

For a schedule of topics and more information see:

Cost is $2,500 in fees (covers all room, meals and other expenses at the Mountain Station), and you are responsible for the cost of your travel to Boulder.

To apply, please send your CV, a short paragraph explaining how you see the course contributing to your research and professional development, and a letter of support from one of your advisors, to


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